Ultra Music Festival Details First-Ever Ferry Transport Options

Ultra Music Festival is one of the most unique in the world. Perhaps one of the music unique aspects is the fact that many of the DJs actually arrive at the site on yachts. That’s thanks the festival’s waterfront location. Luckily that isn’t changing with the new venue, but now everybody will have the opportunity to arrive by sea.

To help with the arrival at Virginia Key, Ultra is adding a ferry option to the bus transit option. There is only one pick up point for this and it’s right at Miami’s Bayside shopping mall complex. This is right next to Ultra’s former venue at Bayfront Park and also a location used for ferrying attendees for the Miami Boat Show. Ultra estimates the ride from Bayside to Virginia Key will be about 30 minutes.

While the bus options are free, the ferry options are not. You will be able to purchase a pass which gives access for all 3 days. In total, there are now 4 departure points to the festival around Miami.

What About South Beach?

Sorry, South Beach has always had it tough with Ultra. There is no mass transit from South Beach to Downtown and there certainly isn’t anything convenient to Virginia Key. Unfortunately, Ultra will not be offering shuttle transportation from South Beach. 

At this point there is no word on whether security checkpoints might be placed at the shuttle stops, so we have no idea how this will shake out. Ferry transport packages will go on sale soon, but pricing remains unknown at this time.