Spotify Adds Artist Muting Feature

Everyone has their own distinct musical tastes, as well as their own reasons to not enjoy certain artists. Maybe due to a controversy an artist was involved in, or simply because you just aren’t a fan of their music. Any reason it may be; mobile Spotify users will now be able to mute artists they have no interest in listening to. The music streaming service recently released an iOS update to test out its new ‘Don’t play this artist’ feature which gives its users the option to mute artist they don’t want to hear.

This new feature can be accessed by tapping the ellipsis at the top right on each artist’s page. Next, you can select ‘Don’t play this artist’. When a user mutes an artist, the tracks on which the muted artist receives primary accreditation will not appear in Spotify’s charts, radio stations, daily mixes, or in personal playlists. For Example, a user who mutes Halsey won’t be shown to her most recent chart topping single, ‘Without Me’ on the streaming service, however Halsey’s feature on Benny Blanco‘s ‘Eastside’ will still receive exposure on Spotify’s charts, radio stations, daily mixes, and in personal playlists (if you choose).

At this time the ‘Don’t play this artist’ feature is only available to mobile app users. It’s uncertain if or when Spotify will expand this muting feature to desktop or web players.