Skrillex Calls For Community Help After Trollphace’s House Burns Down

It came to great surprise and sadness that dubstep artist Trollphace, lost his LA house last night due to a fire. While he and his family were able to escape the blaze unharmed, they were unable to retrieve much of their personal belongings and lifelong work. After hearing the tragic news, fans and numerous artists took action in support of Trollphace, AKA Damon during his time of need.

A GoFundMe page was immediately started by Damon’s booking agent Mike Puliz and Chris Eddowes. In the description, they explain how Damon tragically lost all of his life’s work and belongings, including his pets. Imagine losing everything you’ve work so hard to earn, including irreplaceable items from family and friends. While money will obviously not bring back his pets or life’s work, it can get him back on his feet and back to what he does best.

“I know as a Dubstep/Music community we will pull together and help Damon, who’s music has definitely touched us all in some way over the years, bounce back and start to rebuild his life again.”

Yesterday, Skrillex posted a personal message on Twitter explaining to fans what had happened to Damon, encouraging people to help with what they can. If you can remember, Skrillex and Trollphace go back as early as 2014 for their collaboration on Yogi’s Burial remix. With the help of Skrillex and the electronic communities’ large platform, the crowdfunding page has reached over $15,500 in the past day. To help the page reach its’ $20,000 goal and get Damon and his family back on their feet, check out the GoFundMe page here.