Both Nervo Twins Announce Their Pregnancy To The World

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Miriam and Olivia Nervo, the Australian DJ duo that forms Nervo, are known for doing pretty much everything together whether it’s traveling the world or performing, but what can you expect when you’ve literally been together from the start of time!

The talented twins have continued their streak by announcing that both of them are expecting a child in 2019. That’s right, fans can count on seeing two little Nervos this year! Was it planned, was it a coincidence? Who is(are) the father(s)? We have no idea.

Despite being pregnant, the dynamic duo will not be stopping anytime soon. The Melbourne-born sisters are gearing up to tour across Central and Southern American between early January and April. In addition, fans can expect to see them in Australia.

We want to take a moment to congratulate the talented musicians on their recent revelation. We wish them nothing but happiness, health, and success in the future, and look forward to seeing if their bundles of joy will be as close as they are down the road.