Monstercat Announces ‘Call Of The Wild’ Radio Show on on Diplo’s Revolution via SiriusXM

Monstercat is one of dance music’s finest independent labels, and they’ve definitely got the tracks to back it up. They’ve released tracks from the likes of Marshmello, Project 46, and Pegboard Nerds to name a few. Last year, we saw Monstercat diversify its catalogue even further. They did this by splitting their brand into two distinct categories, the  ‘Uncaged‘ and ‘Instinct‘ brands. Today, we see them take spread their influence a bit further with the announcement of their new radio show, ‘Call Of The Wild‘.

Call Of The Wild‘ will be broadcasted every Friday at 9pm PT to an international audience alongside the world’s best shows. It all happens on Diplo’s channel, Diplo’s Revolution. You can find Diplo’s Revolution on XM Radio‘s Channel 52.

It’ll be fun to tune into ‘Call Of The Wild’ as Monstercat is known for finding new artists and premiering new, groundbreaking tracks from well-known artists too. Happy listening!