Marshmello Announces His Hip-Hop Album is Finished

Marshmello has come a long way within his journey of being a dance music artist. Now, he is taking his skills to the test by releasing an all Hip-Hop album. Marshmello, who is an unpredictable icon in dance music is proving he can do just about anything.

Although he has dominated the music industry for the last couple of years, Marshmello has never been afraid to experiment in other worlds besides electronic music. Since connecting with up and coming hip-hop artist Roddy Ricch for their collaborative track “Project Dreams,” Marshmello has revealed that his own personal hip-hop album is perfected and finished.

There is no further news on what to expect from Marshmello, but we are excited he is actively finding ways to keep his music on top. Stay tuned for what surprises Marshmello has coming next.