Chris Gavino, more commonly known as Manila Killa, is setting up to have a great year. His debut EP as a solo artist will be released soon. In preparation for that, he has released the last single from the EP. A song called ‘All 2 U’. It features vocals from Sara Skinner.

The song opens with a bang of almost angelic vocals from Skinner. The synths mixed with the vocals really draws us in. Then we get the beat and the song picks up in energy. There’s still the trace angelic synths, but it’s not the crux of the song.

The main draw is the drums. The beat is simple, but it holds everything together so well. The vocals and the synths try to compete with each other a bit too much, but the drum is there to anchor us and keep us engaged.

It’s a nice song to listen to and it gets us even more excited for his upcoming EP.

Manila Killa didn’t just give us the song either. He announced that he’s having his first headlining tour starting in April. It’s very exciting for him and for all of his fans. Tickets are on sale now so be sure to check out all the tour dates here and see if he will be stopping by a city near you.


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