A drug-sniffing dog conducting searches in Port Canaveral recently suffered overdose-like symptoms. While screening the passengers that were preparing to board Holy Ship, he searched one of the passenger’s bags and inhaled some of the substances that led to these adverse affects.

The three-year-old golden retriever, Jake, began having balance issues followed by a seizure. Officers gave him Narcan, a drug used to treat overdoses in humans, and took him to the vet. An analysis showed that Jake most likely inhaled ecstasy while on the job.

The passenger was found with amphetamines, prescription drugs, and ecstasy. She was one of over a dozen passengers who were arrested on January 9th after trying to bring drugs onto the cruise.

Thankfully, Jake is okay. The Brevard County Sheriff’s office released a video of him back on the beat with his human partner, Deputy Scott Stewart. Port Canaveral stated in the tweet that Jake suffered no ill-effects from the drugs, which we’re very happy to hear.

There have been no further comments from Holy Ship! or Norwegian Cruise Lines about the future of the festival after the repeated drug smuggling attempts by attendees.