Holy Ship! Passengers Arrested for Drug Charges

Holy Ship

For the second year in a row, passengers of Holy Ship! festival cruise were arrested before being able to board the ship. Drug-sniffing dogs walked through the terminal and found over a dozen people attempting to bring aboard illegal substances.

The cruise runs from Jan. 5th to Jan. 9th, with a second leg running from Jan. 9th through the 12th. During last year’s cruise, Florida police arrested nearly two dozen people on drug charges over both legs of the cruise.

This year, in an effort to minimize that, Brevard County Sheriffs teamed up with the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol as well as Cape Canaveral to search passengers before boarding.

Of those that were arrested, most were charged with misdemeanor drug charges. One man was charged with drug trafficking after he was found with 12 grams of ecstasy.

It is interesting to note that bringing aboard illicit materials is against the Norwegian Cruise Line’s policy. However, they continue to allow Holy Ship’s company Beats at Sea to use their cruise line. Norwegian Cruise Line’s spokesperson released a statement on the matter.

“…The event has been an incredibly popular and meaningful music experience for thousands over the years, and it is unfortunate that the actions of a select few reflect poorly on such a beloved festival.”

Here’s hoping that the Holy Ship! gets to continue sailing in years to come.