Two Berlin Nightclubs Open Their Doors To Homeless This Winter

As the winter season carries on and temperatures continue to drop, those that are homeless are left battling the elements, living on the cold streets. Sadly, many without adequate shelter and clothing could get sick or even die. Fortunately, one generous nightclub owner in Berlin is stepping in to help those in need. Torsten Brandt, the owner of Astra Kulturhaus and Bi Nuu, is working to provide night shelter for the homeless in the Berlin area. Brandt was aware of the growing homeless population and decided to take action.

In Berlin, temperatures can easily drop below freezing in the winter. Brandt wants to open both his clubs for the homeless one night a week starting in January and February. Reportedly, Astra Kulturhaus can house up to 25 men and Bi Nuu can handle up to 15 woman each night. If all goes as planned, Brandt could be saving many lives by getting people out of the freezing weather.

At the moment, Brandt is finalizing his plans with a non-profit program called GEBEWO. Often, simple things we take for granted like a place to sleep at night, is all someone needs to get back on their feet.

“It’s great when clubs make such offers and take on a social responsibility.”

Sara LuHmann, a press spokeswoman for the district office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, told local newspaper Der Tagessoiegel that “we are happy about every additional offer to further expand the number of cold weather places.” With many large cities around the world facing growing homeless populations, every bit of help and generosity can help someone in need. We hope more businesses can follow lead with Brandt and help those in their community.