1 Dies at Bassnectar NYE & Locals Are Pissed

It’s not exactly news to say that some people can get a little reckless at events. So much so, that even event planners often set up medical tents as a precaution. However, a Bassnectar concert at Greensboro Coliseum, North Carolina, ended in six overdoses and 1 death on NYE.

A 43-year-old was found dead in his Comfort Suites room after the concert. Police say there was evidence inside the room linking the man to being at this event, which hosted 22,000 people. Guilford County EMS also reports that most calls that night were made from attendees of this concert. Of all the calls, 6 were taken to the hospital for overdose, and 11 reported for an unconscious person. A number of calls regarding assaults were also made, raising concern.

Although already knowing the reputation of these types of events, local authorities were more than shocked at the outcome. Police are now raising public safety concerns, questioning concertgoers the value of life.

While we all go to these events to have a good time, there always seems to be a few who go a little overboard. With the authorities now spooked, they bring up the perfect intonation. Remember, there’s always a fine line—so stay safe everyone!