‘Dead Beat Exile’ is Alan Fitzpatrick’s Ode to 90’s Old School

Alan Fitzpatrick – Dead Beat Exile

The constant changes in the music industry have forced Alan Fitzpatrick to keep grinding. In 2018, he headlined several summer festivals while launching the We Are The Brave Radio show. As a result, you’d think he would shake it up some more in 2019, right? Wrong. And that was his plan all along.

Techno heads were gifted today with the premiere of ‘Dead Beat Exile,’ a new track off of his upcoming release, ‘The Awakening EP.’ Right from the start, a drumbeat hits you in the face and rumbles over the frenetic melody of a synth plucked from somewhere in the 90’s. Because of that, ‘Dead Beat Exile’ sparks memories of walking into a warehouse to the hum of the speakers as you try to find the dance floor. It feels like an ode to his roots in the old school rave scene, circa 1995. In an interview with Skiddle.com back in 2017 he said, “That sort of sound is what I grew up listening to when I first started buying records…

Furthermore, he expresses this:

“…my audience got younger in recent years and many of them haven’t heard that stuff before. It’s fun for me, too. It reminds me of my youth…”

As you can see, it’s a technique he loves and likely used while producing ‘Dead Beat Exile.’  In his El Jefe’ interview for Billboard Dance, he re-affirms this. He explains that “the spark for a track usually comes from a particular emotion or feeling I experience.

The track seamlessly addresses two major issues that all DJs face today, which is genius – staying true to his roots and giving fans something they’ve never heard before. Catch these resurrected vibes below and see for yourself then catch Alan at Ultra in March.

Alan Fitzpatrick – Dead Beat Exile