What So Not Is Looking To Play Your House Party in Australia

Look out Australia, What So Not might actually plan on making his next show entirely FREE. You read that right! Rumor has it, he’s interested in rolling out to anyone’s party to spread the love of music culture. With his larger-than-life productions, it’s amazing how down to Earth he is.

He posted a tell-all explaining the situation on Instagram:

Seeing What So Not is undoubtedly, always  a treasure. Getting him to come to play your own party is a challenge worth accepting. All you have to do is comment with your party’s itinerary, have your friends like your post, and prove to him it’s legit. Tag anyone and everyone you know throwing a Christmas party, birthday, BBQ or any other Aussie shenanigan. You may just get lucky.

A little background about the cause: lockouts in Australia have the objective of reducing alcohol-fueled violence by cutting off shows at 1:30 AM. Last call for drinks is 3:00 AM at bars, clubs, and pubs. We understand the safety concern, as does Emerson.

With a rare booking fee of free, it’s anyone’s game. Entries close Friday at 6:00 PM; the winner will be chosen by the man himself. Now, the question remains: whose party will be lit enough?