[WATCH] Ultra Europe Drops Thrilling Official 4k Aftermovie

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Shot in an undeniably stunning 4K resolution, the Ultra Music Festival team has once again delivered a truly impressive official aftermovie. Fans from across the globe are flocking to their devices to relieve the magic that went down at this year’s edition of Ultra Europe and trust us, you’ll want to do the same!

The official clip showcases some of the best and most memorable moments that occurred during the sixth edition. Final Kid Films are the ones to thank for putting together this outstanding keepsake. On behalf of the world, we want to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to their team – seriously, this almost ten-minute video is exceptional!

In addition to the blissful moments portrayed throughout the course of the clip, viewers will hear a vast array of electronic dance music tracks, reinforcing the journey that UMF continuously takes us on.

Featured tracks such as ‘No Love‘, ‘Affliction‘, ‘Paradise‘, and many more, will have you grooving no matter where you are – you’ve been warned.

Check It Out Below: