Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Lane 8 Remix)

Lane 8

Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Lane 8 Remix)

Lane 8 released a Winter Mixtape earlier this month. It’s the best early Christmas present we could have hoped for. Especially his remix of Virtual Self’s ‘Ghost Voices’. This Grammy-nominated track usually has us dancing with its high levels of energy. But not with this remix.

It’s the opening track on the mix-tape. A beautiful piano, with a quiet “Can’t you say…” as if we’re hearing ‘Ghost Voices’ from another room. The vocals steadily get louder, still in the background of the piano. Then he adds in a bit of a beat, nothing quite so quick or extreme as the original. It picks up speed, but it still feels calm. With the piano always in the background, the song feels very grounded.

The entire effect is like sitting in front of a fire, drinking hot chocolate in the dead of Winter. It’s dark and there’s snow falling outside. A certain coziness. Which is a strange way to describe a song like ‘Ghost Voices’. But this is a winter mixtape, so perhaps that was exactly the feeling that Lane 8 was going for.

Whatever the reason, this remix is great. it does everything a remix should. It keeps the spirit of the song alive while giving a new spin to it. This is Virtual Self: Fireside Edition, and it’s beautiful.

Listen to the remix below.

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