Steve Angello – Nothing Scares Me Anymore (Corey James & David Pietras Remix)

Remixing a Steve Angello track is no easy feat. Angello ranks among one of the best producers at the moment and his latest album HUMAN is a testament to it. However, groove house protege’s Corey James & David Pietras have absolutely nailed it with this remix.

They both seamlessly fused their styles to transform it into a thrilling track and a true banger, without making the track lose its essence. Sam Martin’s vocals remain untouched as the mesmerizing melody grows slowly behind. This allows the track to still retain its original feel. Yet it still latches onto the minds of the listener. After the main melody and the vocals, the track grows stronger until reaching a groovy drop, that will get everyone bouncing and the dance floor moving.

Steve Angello has been dropping this remix in his sets all this summer. He even brought Corey James out on stage while playing it out at Portugal’s RFM Somnii Festival.

Stream Corey James & David Piertas’s remix of Nothing Scares Me Anymore below.