UPDATED: Skrillex’s Highly Praised ‘Neoprene’ Remix Won’t Get Official Release

12/6/18 UPDATE: A representative for Skrillex has confirmed there are no plans for a commercial release.

Calling all Skrillex fans: the American producer and undeniable electronic dance music legend is basically Santa. Yep, that’s right – it’s been confirmed that one of his highly-anticipated remixes of 2018 will be dropping sometime during the quickly approaching holiday season.

That’s right, ravers, this is not a drill. You’ll be able to get your hands on LH4L featuring Billion Dollars‘ track ‘Neoprene‘ remixed by Sonny incredibly soon!

Although this heavy tune dropped back in the early stages of summer 2017, fans are losing it as this official remix would mark Skrillex’s triumphant return to the dubstep genre. This would also be his first related remix of the year.

Despite Skrillex playing a big part in the piece, LH4L is the one to show our appreciation to here in relation to the exciting news. He was the one to upload the artwork for the remix on his personal Instagram story.

In addition to the original artist’s post, Typerramper did not hesitate to state “[It] will be on every platform before 2019.”

The hype is real! Bring on the holidays, and more importantly, bring on the killer remix – ’tis the season to get heavy.

For now, here’s a leaked version of the track: