[Premiere] Galantis Releases Remix Pack For Their Track ‘Emoji’

Galantis seem to have mastered producing music that is perfect for listening through your headphones all while being fan favorite tunes on the dance floor. The duo consisting of Christian and Linus dropped their latest track ‘Emoji’ earlier last month and after gaining huge success on the charts, it’s time for part two! With a little help from Mark Villa and BEAUZ, Galantis has just released two new remixes for ‘Emoji’.

The first of the two new remixes comes from Mark Villa. At just 17 years of age, Villa has already performed atop the biggest stages in world including Tomorrowland and Parookaville. His experience of throwing down big-room sets at major festivals play a role in his remix of ‘Emoji’ as he injects a creative build up and drop into his version of the track.

‘Christian & Linus are such talented musicians who I really admire, so to be asked to do this remix for them feels incredible. I absolutely loved the original and I had so much fun adding my signature sound to it. I hope you all enjoy this one!’ – Mark Villa

As for the second remix, BEAUZ spices things up with their own twist on the track. Captivated by the vocals of the original song, the duo of Bernie and Johan Yang decided to demonstrate their musical talents by incorporating live instruments in their rendition of ‘Emoji’. Throughout the track, you will hear live sounds produced by percussion drums, piano and even the flute. Fluctuating in tempo, the remix also includes a bass induced drop which adds to the diverse characteristics of the track.

“We would like to thank Galantis for having us beauzify their smashing single “Emoji”. The eerie, breathy and hypnotizing vocal mesmerized us, so we took the song for a deep dive and flipped it from a soothing dance pop record into a psychedelic banger.” – BEAUZ

You can check out both Mark Villa’s and BEAUZ’s remixes of ‘Emoji’ below now. Galantis will be closing out 2018 in Chicago this year as they perform back to back shows at the Aragon Ballroom. You can purchase your tickets to the two shows here.