NERO Joins Star Studded, Pro-Gamer Sponsored Compilation

After recruiting big name producers Alesso and 3LAU, pro-gamer “Ninja” is adding NERO to the list of EDM stars on his compilation album Ninjawerks Volume 1. The dark, deep, dubstep trio is known for their iconic sound and they certainly deliver in ‘Lullaby‘.

‘Lullaby’ creates an emotionally intense aura with its creeping liquid vibes and heart wrenching lyrics. The refrain “This was never meant for you and I,” is the perfect accent to the deep wobbling bass. Masters of their art, NERO craft ‘Lullaby’ into a track that would fit perfectly in the breakdown of a set or in a video game landscape during a trailer.

Although it hasn’t been uploaded to SoundCloud yet, you can listen to NERO’s latest track in the link below. “Lullaby” will be available on December 14th along with the rest of the Ninjawerks compilation. Until then expect a stream of singles from big name electronic music artists to start popping up on the tracklist!