MSG Sphere, a new venue in Las Vegas, officially broke ground this past September. Now, more details have emerged of exactly what will be inside the venue. We know it will have a state of the art “beam-forced” sound transmission with “infrasound” haptic flooring systems. What does this mean exactly? Basically, the bass is going to be incredible. The floors will literally vibrate the bass into you. The listener will feel every vibration thanks to thousands of speakers embedded in the walls.

As far as sound goes, the speakers will come from a German start-up, Holoplot. They will create targeted narrow sound beams to each section of the crowd. The interior spherical display will create spectacular images for the viewer. James Dolan, the billionaire behind the project, had this to say about the venue:

“Stick 157,000 ultra-directional speakers, a three-and-a-half-acre spherical ultra-high-res video screen and vibrating floors into a enormous dome built from scratch.”

From the beginning, this project has always been about its technology. The video display will arc over the audience “like a planetarium times ten.” The display will be made of LED panels rather than a projection.

Rendering of MSG Sphere in Las Vegas
Rendering of MSG Sphere

Now, take a moment to imagine the DJs that will rock the crowd inside this 360-degree arena. We will be able to hear and feel the bass more than ever before. I am sure as EDC Week rolls around, plenty of producers will mesmerize us with their music and visuals. We are very excited for the day we get to step into this revolutionary venue.

Which DJs would you like to see play here in the future?