Madeon and Lido have Co-Produced a Song for Ric Wilson

lido & Madeon
The world has been patiently waiting for Madeon to release a new album. That hasn’t happened yet, but he hasn’t been completely silent. Back in November, he helped Lido with his song ‘Ex’. And now the two have teamed up to co-produce a song for the Chicago rapper, Ric Wilson. It’s called ‘No Hands’.

In a few translated tweets that Madeon posted, that has now been deleted, he explained how it all unfolded. It was an old beat that he had. He showed it to Lido who played some piano over it. They sent it to Ric, who is a friend of Madeon’s and the rest is history.

He explained in the tweets that it is one of the hundreds of little songs that he just has lying around in his head. We all hope someday to hear more of them.

The song itself is fun. It’s upbeat and hip-hoppy. The piano that was mentioned comes through in the latter half of the song, and that’s probably the best part. It’s not distinctly Madeon or Lido, but it isn’t bad either.

Honestly, we’re just happy to have anything from Madeon at all. What do you think of ‘No Hands’? Do you hear the Madeon influences in the production?