KOAN Sound – Viridian Dream

KOAN Sound – Viridian Dream

Out now is a taste of what KOAN Sound’s highly anticipated album Polychrome LP is like with ‘Viridian Dream‘. Set to release this Friday, December 7, the melodic, dream-like track is the perfect blend of wonky bass and dnb synths. For a full five minutes, let the ethereal listening experience take over. 

The track is light and airy in sound texture. Piano and violin play together as the wobbly bassline introduces itself. It is a slow song, displaying elements of dubstep where Will Meeks and Jim Bastow initially gained their fame. At minute three, it breaks down into a killer beat. Fans have already taken to this track quite well.

This is a highly versatile album, as its very listenable and ready to further your excitement of its official release. We know longtime fans have been waiting for this moment. The duo created this as a result of maturation and personal growth. They channeled great artistic bloodlines from their native Bristol, UK. Inspired by legends like Massive Attack, Portishead, Reprazent and more, these guys have delivered an album of new horizons. 

Each track features incredible artwork as well. It’s their macro photography collaboration with local Bristol artists. Get this, too: they’re incorporating it into their live show visuals as well! They will be performing a special hometown show at the famed Trinity on Saturday, February 16, 2019.

Take a peek at the Polychrome Tracklist below:

Hustle Hammer
Chalk It Out
Chilli Daddy
Virtual Light
Viridian Dream
Prism Pulse
The Zulla

Their music draws from influences including rock, jazz, dubstep, and OWSLA. Yet, this just the beginning for them. We can’t wait to hear what those other tracks sound like.

Listen to the newest track below!

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