Innellea – Vigilians

If you haven’t heard of Innellea, it’s about time you have. Since joining the scene in 2016, the German duo has consistently pumped out impressive track after track. Their creative knack for sound design has had them recognized by Afterlife, earning them a debut release in the form of ‘Vigilans’. The single is part of an upcoming 4-track EP that will be released on December 20.

‘Vigilians’ starts off with a consistent brooding guitar riff – it’s not overpowering, but still effective at building tension.Leading into the breakdown is a powerful driving synth that is music to all ears. At a run time of 6:02, Vigilans is considered long but will go by quick. Innellea have pieced this track masterfully with all the right elements and structure. At a BPM of 120, it’s the perfect tempo to enjoy each layer of sound they throw at you.

Check out the song below and enjoy!

Innellea – Vigilans