Innellea – Vigilans EP

Are you looking for some new music to nod your head to during the holidays? Innellea has you covered with their latest Vigilans EP. The German duo has been on a hot streak over the past two years. Their latest release makes a strong statement that their momentum will carry into 2019.

Out now on Afterlife RecordsVigilans is a 4-track EP that aims to lead listeners into a unique soundscape that’ll shock and impress. Innellea has gone all out on this one, straying from the conventional and experimenting instead with sound design. From the tantalizing melodies, eerie synth progressions, gliding guitar riffs, and driving basslines, this EP has all of the right elements to take you on an immersive journey.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the EP below.

Innellea – Vigilans EP

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