Galaxy S10 Leaks Reveal Possible Launch Date, Price, Features And More

Brand new leaks have emerged regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S10Gizmodo claims to have knowledge of the S10’s release date, price, storage capacities, and much more. While the claims listed below are all leaks, most of them logically make sense for the new device.

As you may have known, Samsung has also been extremely busy working on their futuristic foldable device as well. The 10th anniversary of the S10 carries along pressure for Samsung to create a top of the line smartphone with never seen before features. Will it be enough to persuade iPhone and Pixel users to make a switch? Take a look at what we know now.

The Price

The price is probably the most important piece of information for buyers looking for their next smartphone. Today, smartphone prices have skyrocketed, reaching well over the $1,000 mark. Unfortunately, the S10 prices with the best features are looking to stay above $1,000, except for two base models. Here’s your options including model, storage, screen size, and price, from cheapest to most expensive:

• S10 Lite with flat display: 128GB storage, 5.8-inch screen : £699 – ($881)

• S10 with curved display: 128GB or 512GB storage, 6.1-inch screen : £799 and £999 ($1,007 and $1,260)

• S10 Plus with curved display: 128GB or 512 GB or 1TB storage, 6.4-inch screen: £899, £1099, and  £1399 ($1,134 – $1,386 – $1,765)

The Features

Galaxy fans are hoping to see some revolutionary technology in this 10th anniversary model. For those who dread the controversial notch, it looks to be out of the picture for the S10. Instead, Samsung has opt for a new frontal screen design called the “Infinity-O Display“. Rather than having a notch on the top of your screen, a single hole or “hole punch” will sit on the top corner of the screen.

The only drawback from this choice is that any form of facial recognition is likely out of the picture. Instead, the S10 will have an ultra fingerprint sensor built into the display. It’s reported that this sensor is much more secure and effective than previous in-display scanners.

Lastly, it’s said that the device will be able to wirelessly charge other devices with a system called “Powershare”.

Estimated Launch and Release Date

According to the leaks, the S10 will launch before this year’s Mobile World Congress at their own Samsung event on February 20th, 2019. This would be an odd launch date, as MWC is only five days after the estimate February 20th release date – but maybe Samsung has some surprise in mind. Once the device has launched, it is said to be released on Friday, March 8th. If all goes well on the production side, you could have a brand new S10 before summer.

What are your thoughts on Galaxy’s upcoming device? Remember, these are all leaks/rumors and should not be taken as final device specs. Of course, there has not been any confirmations from Samsung itself, so anything can happen before February.

In the meantime, stay tuned for any more information or leaks that come up.