Free Food To The Homeless In Los Angeles? Steve Aoki and Postmates to the Rescue!

Steve Aoki and Postmates Bring Pizza to the Homeless of LA

Steve Aoki and his opening of Pizzaoki has been quite the hit this year. Adding to his success, the cake thrower made his 2018 one to remember. His LP, ‘Kolony’ fused EDM and Rap. He helped BTS bring K-pop into the electronic dance music sphere. Now, he is continuing his philanthropy by teaming up with Postmates for something special.

‘Tis the holiday season for doing as much good as possible. Postmates tweeted a tag “better than Santa” and Steve accepted this challenge. Let’s take a look at the callout below.

Could they help him deliver his delicious pies to the homeless of LA? YES!

Just yesterday, both our beloved electro house artist and food delivery mogul brightened up some people’s days. Anyone down on their luck received a little slice of heaven (extra cheese please!), smiles and mad good vibes. With Christmas right around the corner, we are both excited and proud for this random act of kindness.

The Art of Being Aoki

How many people can say they are an entrepreneur, music producer, cake thrower, pizza shop owner, and benefactor? This guy. His mantra is “self-made”. Through the spirit of independence and extreme work ethic, Aoki has frequented all parts of the world selling out shows. His popular hit singles, remixes, and Dim Mak clothing line are still just tiny elements to his success. It all starts in your head, from the smallest to the biggest challenges. Have the attitude for your own self-determination and success will follow. Wise words, sir.

As the year comes to an end, we invite you to look back on all that music has brought us and spread the love!