Ferry Corsten & Ilan Bluestone – We’re Not Going Home [Teaser]

When Ferry Corsten and Ilan Bluestone play, they melt our hearts. Put both of them together in a collaboration, and it’s bound to be epic. Set to release on December 14, the next #Unity track brings two of our most favorite artists together. Officially premiered on Corsten’s Countdown 597, this is ‘We’re Not Going Home‘.

Ilan starts us off beautifully with a powerful progressive bassline intro. It’s heavy, driving, and sets the tempo for the rest of the track. It builds up for a long while and slows into the bridge for a few seconds. And, of course, what comes next? The breakdown we’ve all been waiting for. Alas, previews do come to an end. The rest will surely follow with the full release in a week.

UNITY centers on the idea that trance music unites us – not just in subgenres, but in BPM too. There couldn’t be a better duo to represent that mantra. Both artists have meteoric followings and momentous performances that leave us wanting more. The uplifting journey we all go through together is a result of their work. But, like all good artists, sometimes you need to change this up a bit. Music would be nothing without side projects, so here we go.

“It’s Unity, united, we’re all one genre, whether it’s this tempo or that tempo, we are a group that makes a stand in the electronic space” – Ferry Corsten

This collab series follows others with Paul Oakenfold, Jordan Suckley, Alpha 9 and so many more. What’s even better is a portion of all proceeds will be donated to VH1’s Save the Music Foundation. This charity organization helps underprivileged countries be able to make music and enjoy it.

Preview their bangin’ track below and let us know your thoughts.

Ferry Corsten & Ilan Bluestone – We’re Not Going Home [Teaser]