Codeko Drops Melancholic Electronic Single “All Night”


Codeko – All Night (Feat. Trevor Jackson)

Codeko has teamed up with talented vocalist Trevor Jackson to deliver his latest energizing single “All Night“. The talented producer delivers a versatile song that is perfectly and uniquely composed.

The song starts off with a mesmerizing arpeggio that lingers throughout the entire song. Followed by incredible vocals that give the listener a melancholic vibe. The buildup does a spectacular job at introducing the drop which will definitely make you want to dance. With a catchy melody, the drop hits hard and the synths blend in with the rest of the drop in a seamless manner. Codeko stated the following about “All Night”:

I wanted the lyrics to be about the same concept as Woke Up (parties, clubbing etc) but display the opposite side of the coin, and take a darker tone. Like Woke Up, I wrote/produced & sung it all myself, and enlisted the help of Trevor Jackson to bring it all together. 

Undoubtedly, this single is a must-have in your playlist. This single has the ability to bring different emotions to the table. The scholar turned producer/DJ has had quite the upbringing with balancing touring, producing and graduating in his university. With millions of streams under his belt, Codeko is a producer to keep an eye on with his incredible talent. Check out “All Night” down below!