Cash Cash feat. Nasri of MAGIC! – Call You

cash cash call youCash Cash feat. Nasri of MAGIC! – Call You

If you are a fan of Cash Cash, you already know you can expect great tunes from them. Their latest song ‘Call You‘ is no different and the perfect way to close out 2018. The American trio is best known for their upbeat songs that have beautiful vocals and infectious dance beats.

Out on Big Beat Records, ‘Call You’ features the vibrant vocals of Nasri who is the lead vocalist of MAGIC!. From start to finish, his voice drives the song and draw listeners to delve deeper into the lyrics. The song is about wondering if there is someone out there that will listen to you during difficult times, ‘When I’m driving through the night, with no strength left inside, can I call you?’.
Here is what the boys had to say about the song:
“We’ve all lost someone before but it’s strengthening to hold onto the idea of always being able to call upon them when you need them the most. “Call You” has that familiar Cash Cash emotion with a whole new twist musically. Our goal was to make the drop an extension of the vocal unifying them as one. They almost evolve in and out of each other throughout the song. Working with Nasri of Magic! really brought things to another level. The emotional nuances in his voice are bone chilling and truly make you feel the song’s underlying grief and beauty.”

If the song wasn’t touching enough, it comes with a cute video that uses toy robots as the main protagonists. Watch their journey of love as they eat spaghetti, drink at a bar, and even start a family together.