One of New York City’s most beloved clubs is closing its doors. Output will be shutting down – another hit taken to NYC nightlife over the last few months. A few weeks ago Cielo Club was rumored to shut down, too. Output took to Facebook to announce the closure.

This is truly heartbreaking. They stated their permanent closure as of January 1, 2019. They contributed the closure to a few factors: rapidly shifting social trends, unfavorable market conditions and weakening financial outlooks.

I remember my first time in the club. They have a notorious no cell phone policy. As soon as you walk in, they put a sticker over your phone camera to encourage limiting its usage (you can just remove the sticker, but it’s still the precedent.) They wanted to display a culture of a time when we listened to music before phones.

And they did that damn well. I rarely saw people pull their phones out. EDM lovers came to dance with others and enjoy the music the way it was meant to be. The club was especially known to represent house and techno fans. They have hosted an impressive amount of DJs including TchamiEric PrydzJauz, deadmau5, and Rezz. 

Having a capacity of 452, it was a very intimate venue. You could easily get to the stage and high five the DJ. If you wanted more dancing room, they had a whole second floor dedicated to just that. On top of this, there was a rooftop if you needed to get away from the music for a bit.

It’s incredibly sad to see such an iconic club go. In 2017, Output won Club of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards. If you want to reminiscence one last time, they have a few more shows before they close, and what we expect to be a banging New Years Eve party.

Check out their website for more info on the last shows here. Brooklyn Output will be missed.