‘Avicii: True Stories’ Returns to Netflix Late December

Netflix to Bring Back ‘Avicii: True Stories’

The Netflix documentary, ‘Avicii: True Stories‘, portrays the beloved Swedish producer in a very bright light. It also exposes many of his harshest difficulties with health and touring. When Avicii sadly passed away this past April, the documentary was removed from Netflix. The film has since taken on additional meaning and poignancy for Avicii fans and the electronic music community at large.

The documentary by Swedish filmmaker, Levan Tsikurishvili, was first released in 2017. The intention was to allow fans to witness the unflinching portrait of an artist coming apart through his explosive rise to fame and surprising decision to retire from live performances in 2016.

Fans have been waiting for his documentary to make its return to Netflix for some time. Now, we finally have an air date. The documentary will make its return to the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia on December 28th of this year.

This announcement comes after the news of the documentary’s recent qualification for Oscar consideration, as well as its debut in theatres throughout the end of this year. If you feel like watching the film before December 28th, it premieres at LA‘s Laemmie Theatre on December 14th through 20th, as well as at New York City’s Cinema Village from December 21st to 27th.

While Tsikurishvili says he never discussed the specifics of the film with its star, he says the last thing Avicii told him when they met last December was that he thought the film was great. After recently re-watching ‘True Stories’ for the first time since Bergling’s death, Tsikurishvili became overwhelmed with emotions.

“It was happiness, sadness, anger, everything you can think of,” he says. “But at the same time, it felt really good to see him again.”

The documentary will definitely bring out some incredible emotions in all of us. Just the trailer itself makes it hard not to get chills, smile, or even want to cry. You can watch the trailer below.