This Website Helps You Practice Accessing The Most Elite Techno Club


Accessing Berghain

If you are a techno enthusiast then you must be well aware of the world’s most elite techno club: Berghain. If you are not, however, and are seeking for the most incredible techno experience of your life then you must make your way to Berlin, Germany. Berlin is known famously for their underground techno scene and incredible clubs. Berghain, the hardest club to get into, is at the top of the list.

Berghain lies inside a former power plant which hosts 1,500 guests. This bizarre, incredible, and mysterious club does not allow photography and is known for people openly indulging in sexual acts. Furthermore, what sets the audience and the club apart from any other is that people who attend do not care for the title it holds. There is no VIP, no over-priced drinks, no mirrors, and there is just a good sound system with good music.

However, in order to indulge in this experience, you must get past the famous bouncer Sven. The website, Berghaintrainer, allows you to practice your approach and questions you may be asked. This website uses your computer’s microphone and webcam to analyze your body language. Your anger, sadness, and euphoria are being tracked through the webcam which affects your possibility of entering the club.

The VR experience allows you to interact with the bouncer’s questions and if you answer them incorrectly you are rejected from entering the club. Personally, I tried it three times and got rejected (not to mention I got rejected in person as well). Sven once said in an interview that he lets people in on the basis of those “who come purely to enjoy the music and celebrate.” Give this simulator a whirl, and make sure to add this experience to your bucket list.