Three Must-See Artists at Decadence Arizona

Decadence AZThis year’s Decadence Arizona lineup is completely stacked with numerous amazing artists. This event takes place on December 30 and NYE December 31 at the Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, Arizona.

In our eyes, there are three must see artists on the lineup that rise above the rest. First, is a new addition to the EDM scene. DJ Diesel, better known as his very successful career as basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal. Also, we have one of my personal favorites Dr. Fresch. Best known for his colorful melding of multiple songs into his fresh ghetto house style, Fresch deserves a slot from everyone.

Finally, having not been on lineups in what seems like forever, we have Skrillex. Eager fans have been patiently awaiting his return to festival lineups and there’s truly no better time than New Year’s Eve to make his comeback. We will see you all in Arizona to ring in the new year with these three must see artists!

Interested in purchasing tickets to this unforgettable NYE event? Check out the link here on Decadence’s website.

Must See Artists Decandence AZ