Wolfgang Gartner – Good Medicine feat. Rush Davis

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Wolfgang Gartner – Good Medicine feat. Rush Davis

The king of electro house Wolfgang Gartner has made quite a return this year. He’s released track such as ‘Banshee’ and ‘The Upside Down’ that garnered positive reactions. To continue this momentum, he has released his track ‘Good Medicine’ feat. Rush Davis which comes off his Medicine EP. Wolfgang created the EP with the intention to fuse modern dance beats with his electro style roots that made him so popular in the 2010’s era.

‘Good Medicine’ is meant to be a feel good song that you want to play when you wake up from a long night out. Gartner employs a thumping baseline and bright electro synths to keep the overall mood of the song happy. It isn’t ever stated what the ‘good medicine’ is from track. However, it’s safe to assume that it made for a good night.

Here’s what the electro house veteran had to say about the track:

“I wanted to write a sort of party song that wasn’t generic like many are, so I used metaphors to try and set the tone for basically a long night out “on the medicine.” It was also a way to keep it clean for radio, by using these metaphors and never actually saying what kind of medicine we’re taking in the song. People can interpret it however they want.”

Do yourself a favor and give this track a spin below.

Wolfgang Gartner – Good Medicine feat. Rush Davis | Download