Ultra Music Festival Details Transportation Plan for New Venue

Now that Ultra Music Festival has been approved for Virginia Key, one of the next biggest questions was how the transportation would work. Virginia Key is a relatively small island with only one road in, and no direct connection to mass transit. There is limited parking (mostly for staff and VIPs), so everybody has to be transported in. Many fans had traumatic memories from EDC Vegas with shuttles that cost a lot and deliver less than satisfying results, and worried things would be the same.

However only a few weeks after the move was approved, Ultra is giving fans the transportation plan outline. Similar to the Miami Boat Show on the same site, Ultra will use strategically positioned meet points around Miami where shuttles will circulate directly to and from the festival. Best of all, this will be free. We also note that the post was sure to be vague enough so that water taxis and ferries can certainly be in the mix, as was mentioned during the approval hearing. With multiple docking points around the venue for boats, we expect ferries to play a large role. For example, cruise ships regularly tender 3000+ passengers to and from shore using tenders with a capacity somewhere around 350 up to even 450 people. You can see the full post below, and be sure that more information will be coming as Ultra gets closer.