Ultra Music Festival Releases Statement In Response To Defamatory Video

Ultra Responds To Defamatory Video

After wide speculation on the future location of Ultra Music Festival, it came to light earlier this month a move to Virginia Key is on the cards. However as the agreement came to light, an uproar started from both Mayor-Elect Mike Davey & Key Biscayne residents over Ultra’s relocation. To make his point clear (as if it wasn’t already) the Mayor-Elect has even gone to the length of making a video filled with wild inaccuracies & blatant propaganda towards the festival.

In response Ultra issued a statement which reads:

It is deeply regrettable that Mayor-Elect, Mike Davey and the Village of Key Biscayne have elected to publish statements that are knowingly false and misleading rather than to first seek to collaborate with either Ultra representatives or its City of Miami partners (if for no other purpose but to gather accurate facts and to gain an understanding of Ultra’s commitment and obligations respecting, traffic mitigation and environmental and historical preservation planning). By opting to instead circulate what appears to be primarily stock photos (unrelated to Ultra) featuring used needles, polluted shorelines, traffic gridlock, by falsely and intentionally reporting that potentially hundreds of thousands of attendees will be converging on the Rickenbacker Causeway and by falsely stating that the City of Miami had purportedly evicted Ultra for environmental destruction, increased alcohol and drug-related violence, safety risks and by reporting other untruths is blatantly disreputable.

While Ultra surely has plenty of obstacles to go towards producing the 2019 edition, you can add scare tactics by the Mayor-Elect of Key Biscayne to that list. Usage of unrelated stock images and pictures of other festivals doesn’t make his resolve stronger either mind you.

With the tentative vote for the Virginia Key move coming on the 15th of November, Ultra’s spokesperson Ray Martinez had something to say about the video:

It unfairly disparages our brand and potentially criminalizes our patrons

Watch the video by the Mayor-Elect here: