Ultra Hypes Move to Virginia Key with Video

Ultra Hypes Move to Virginia Key with Video

A new chapter of Ultra is upon us. Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of speculation around if Ultra will truly move to Virginia Key. Yesterday, City of Miami approved Ultra’s contract for the location. In response, Ultra released a hype video for the move to the new location. The video covered the festival’s history from Miami Beach to Bicentennial Park, to finally Bayfront Park.

Bayfront Park provided so many incredible memories for EDM fans. It was awesome to be able to dance and party in the center of the city. But, it looks like Virginia Key will allow Ultra to do things they were limited to in the park. Albert Berdallans, the Marketing & New Media manager for Ultra, released a statement about the move.

“I know a lot of you got used to Bayfront but the truth is that park was holding us back for years. now we can do some INCREDIBLE things we never could”

Who knows exactly what he means by this. Maybe they will be doing more ‘festival-ly’ type acts throughout the weekend. I always found Bayfront Park was a little cramped for space so hopefully Virginia Key will open up a bit and allow for more activities. It does seem like there will be more walking in between stages. Overall, the location does look to be safer than Bayfront Park.

We are excited to see what Ultra has in store for us next. They have surprised us many times before. And as they like to say “Expect the Unexpected!”