Spotify Launches Apple Watch App

Spotify has officially launched their Apple Watch app today. The music streaming giant first announced they were beta testing the app last week.

When the Apple Watch was first brought to the market, many people saw it as nothing more than an overpriced Fitbit. However, the introduction of this app adds some decent value to owning one now. Users who are subscribed to Spotify will no longer need to pull their iPhones out of their pockets to change the music. While these few seconds saved may amount to nothing much, it still adds value and can be quite useful to people on the go or athletes.

in addition to being able to press play and pause for music and podcasts, the app allows users to skip a song or rewind a podcast by 15 seconds. All of this can be controlled using the Apple Watch interface.

While it doesn’t look like Apple is giving us much with their app, they did mention that this is only the ‘first version’. It can be expected that there will be future updates bringing along more functionality. One confirmed upcoming update is the ability to listen to music and podcasts offline.

If you’re interested in trying out the Spotify Apple Watch app, it’s rolling out to users over the coming week.