Attention Spotify lovers…soon you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music from your watch; Spotify is beta testing an application for Apple Watch and Android for all subscribers who wear a smartwatch!

Not wanting to reveal too much about the application, Spotify stated:

“we are always testing new products and experiences but we have no other information to share for the moment.”

According to early testers of the application, the feedback has been that it is pretty basic and easy to use. It’s possible to control music and access playlists. The interface includes 4 screens which include the playlists and albums, playback control screen, titles or album and the statistics screen.

Spotify announced that this new feature is perfect for athletes, but also says that listeners at home will find it very valuable as well! Additionally, the application seems only optimized for Apple Watch with a dial of 38 and 42 mm, so it is not properly calibrated for the 40 and 44 mm version yet.

Important to note about the experience is that the application currently does not have offline support according to a user who shared their feedback on Reddit.

If you’re interested in getting the beta version – check it out Here!