Skrillex Loses In Stage-Diving Lawsuit & Has To Pay $3.8M To Plaintiff


Skrillex Loses Stage-Diving Lawsuit

A Los Angeles jury, after two days of deliberation, favored Jennifer Fraissl in her lawsuit against Skrillex. The lawsuit which has been ongoing since 2014 has finally come to an end. It all started after Skrillex stage-dived in a 2012 show and injured the plaintiff, Jennifer Fraissl. This injury caused the woman a rare stroke days later which led to her lawsuit.

The jury awarded a total of 3.8 million dollars after $675,000 was deducted due to Fraissl’s negligence being apportioned to 15 percent. By the same token, Skrillex and his touring company, Lost Boys Touring Inc., have to pay $3.4 million while the venue in which the accident occurred (Belasco Entertainment Theater Inc.) has to pay the remaining $450,000. Skrillex issued the following statement after the verdict:

There is nothing more important to me than my fans and their safety at my shows,” he wrote. “I want them to have fun and enjoy the music. While I’m disappointed by the jury’s decision, I’m glad this process is over. I look forward to getting back to work and delivering new music to my fans

This is a huge upset for the highly-acclaimed EDM DJ/Producer. Furthermore, it is a lesson for all artists out there who stage dive as part of their act to think twice before doing it. This time it cost Sonny $3.8 million, but it could have been worse. We wish the best for him and to the affected parties.