Reddit Begins to Speculate New Layout of Ultra at Virginia Key

Reddit Begins to Speculate New Layout of Ultra at Virginia Key

This past week Ultra announced the move to Virginia Key. Because of that, Reddit users have begun to speculate the new layout of the festival. There has been a lot of disputing about how many stages Ultra will have. It seems in the range of 6-8 will most likely be the case. The real question becomes where do you place these stages? This is where the fun begins.

It seems Ultra will be limited to 3 stages in the park. The dance community has concluded the Resistance, Live, and UMF TV stages will be located there. This will surely create a beautiful setup being able to walk through the park from stage to stage. They expect 15k of the 60k people limit to be located in the park.

The next challenge becomes how to situate the remaining stages without causing “sound bleed.” It was reported 5 stages may be located at the marina. Personally, this seems like too many given space. But regardless, Reddit seems to think they can fit it. As of now, they have the Main Stage, Megastructure, Radio, Oasis, and Worldwide stages located there. If you look at the size of Virginia Key you may also think these stages will be to close together.

Other cool things mentioned in the thread were the possible addition of a floating stage. Unfortunately, Ultra will not be able to use Marine Stadium so don’t expect that this year at least. The one thing not mentioned is the possible redesign of some of their stages. I think it is time to give a facelift to some of the current stages. What do you think the layout of Ultra 2019 is going to be?

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