[Premiere] Amindi K. Fro$t, Tessellated & Valleyz – Pine & Ginger (Seeb Remix)


Amindi K. Fro$t, Tessellated & Valleyz – Pine & Ginger (Seeb Remix)

When it comes to dishing out some silky smooth remixes, Norwegian trio Seeb seems to never disappoint. Over the past few years, they have garnered widespread international support working with prominent artists such as Coldplay, Taylor Swift, and Mike Posner. Their meteoric rise to the top was evident after they remixed ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’. Interestingly enough, the song might as well be considered as the original version boasting over one billion plays on Spotify. As seen in many of their remixes, their ability to stay true to the original while adding depth and intricate texture to their songs fully showcases their talent and years of experience.
To spice up everyone’s Friday, Seeb took to the remix lab one of the hottest tracks of 2017, ‘Pine & Ginger’. A collaborative effort from Amindi K Fro$tTessellated, and Valleyz, the song epitomizes what creativity and inspiration can do to push the boundaries of dancehall music. Released today on Big Beat Records, this dancehall inspired song takes us back to the summer with its combination of modern dance sounds, vibrant vibes, and zesty Caribbean flair.
While the original features the classic dancehall bounce, Seeb’s rendition amps the song up a notch to be perfect for any club or dance party. Thumping percussion and snazzy calypso instruments complement the laidback raw vocals of Amindi making this track stand out from the typical Caribbean track. During the breakdown, airy horns blast away adding lush flavor to the mix.
The best part of this release is that it comes with a new music video oozing with tropical vibes. Check out the song and music video below and be prepared to party like its the summer!