Okeechobee Officially Cancelled for 2019

It’s a sad day for Okeechobee lovers, the 2019 edition is officially cancelled. However, in their statement Team Okeechobee states that they’re planning on making a return in March of 2020. Their plan for returning in the spring time, right around spring break is to hopefully inflate their attendance numbers. Both 2016 and 2017 the festival sold out. Sadly, 2018 saw a slight decline in attendance.

There’s no exact reason as to why the festival won’t be returning in 2019. However, as previously written in another one of our Okeechobee articles, as of November 8 the festival had still not even applied for a permit for the 2019 festival.

Looking to the future, we are all hoping that the festival returns with a vengeance. Ask anyone that has attended in previous years and they’ll tell you it was one of their favorite festivals, if not their favorite one out there.

Check out Team Okeechobee’s official statement below:

Okeechobee officially cancelled