MTV Acquires Snowglobe Music Festival

Yes, that MTV. The channel where you once watched TRL as a kid (and if not, you probably have no idea what MTV is), is doing probably the most musically relevant thing they’ve done since TRL went off the air god knows how long ago. It’s long been a major criticism that MTV pivoted away from music videos, but it’s an even stranger thing that MTV completely missed the biggest revolution in music of the past decade or so.

The rise of EDM in America was largely ignored by MTV, who was content to sit on the sidelines producing unwatched awards shows and garbage reality TV. Now MTV is finally getting back in the game, and taking a big stake in a solid music festival. Snowglobe is one of the more unique festivals in America, in that it takes place outside in the snow-covered Lake Tahoe area around New Year’s Eve. It also plays host to an eclectic yet solid lineup.

This year’s lineup includes names like Rezz, RL Grime, Above & Beyond, and Eric Prydz to name a few. MTV is planning to expand deeper into live events and also reinvent its NYE coverage. Snowglobe will now become connected with MTV’s Times Square studio, and expand the festival to additional dates and locations.