Miami Marine Stadium Renovation Shows Promise for Ultra


Miami Marine Stadium could be restored for UltraA few weeks ago Ultra announced they will be moving to Virginia Key for the 21st edition of the festival. The festival is now situated with a Miami historic landmark (and amazing venue space) right on its footprint, however the Miami Marine Stadium cannot be used in its current state. Included in this plan is restoring the once world-class Miami Marine Stadium. The stadium used to host speedboat races, rock concerts, and boxing matches. Now, it sits abandoned and in almost ruins. Hurricane Andrew left the stadium condemned for use in 1992 when it left cracks in the foundation.

Current state of Miami Marine Stadium
The current state of Miami Marine Stadium

The City of Miami has committed $42 million to restore the stadium and create a mixed-use park around it. The architects plan to keep the original structure of the stadium, but they will add modern amenities so it will become world-class once again. They also hope to attract people to it for more than just concerts.

Reddit has begun speculating the potential layout of Ultra 2019. Included in this was a possible floating stage near Marine Stadium. Unfortunately, construction is not expected to be finished until 2020. But we can look forward to a potentially awesome stage in the coming years. This seems like the natural successor to the LIVE Stage am I right?