Martin Garrix feat. Mike Yung – Dreamer


Martin Garrix continues to give us new music. Though the Dutch producer just released his latest EP ‘BYLAW’ in mid-October, he’s back with a new single called ‘Dreamer’. This song features vocals from American singer Mike Yung, and it is a knockout track.

From the very first second, the song pulls you in. It’s so light an airy, it almost sounds orchestral. Then Yung’s vocals kick in and we’re all instilled with hope. Not only with the lyrics themselves, which talk about having something to believe in. But it’s the way he sings them. He has such conviction.

In an interview, Garrix described Yung and why he wanted to work with him.

“He’s an amazing singer. I’ve seen him on video, singing in the subway New York. His story … he has been singing in the subway for 38 years. I invited him to Amsterdam, we had an amazing week, wrote music on a boat with a guitar. “

Garrix clearly believed in Yung and it paid off. This song, which includes gospel choir-esque harmonies near the end, feels like the embodiment of achieving our dreams.

This is a song that’s going to mean something to the world. It’s an anthem in the making.