Marshmello Featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Issue

Congratulations to Marshmello for being featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 issue! Three years ago, he released his first original on Soundcloud. Now, he’s taken the world by storm and made $44 million over the past two years. His success upgraded his helmet to a worth of $55,000 and his remixes are dope AF. He’s an anomaly in music, so it’s no wonder why he’s been chosen.

Christopher Comstock rose fast in the music industry with more force than perhaps any other artist if memory serves. Right place, right time? Maybe – but the genius of the Marshmello brand came from being a universal anonymous character.

The Mello gang knows that this guy is accessible and relatable to everyone. After all, that is the goal for his brand. Despite being officially revealed as Dotcom some time ago, the anonymity never faded. There is yet to be any public acknowledgment of his identity, and there is no need to. Remember when Shawn Mendes, Will Ferrell, and Tiësto came out as both Marshmello and not Marshmello? I’ll never forget that surprise reveal at EDC Las Vegas 2016!

On track to make $50 million next year, your famous fluffy treat is unstoppable. He is EVERYWHERE. He’s got six-figure fees at shows, side ventures in “Cooking with Mello” and weekly gaming videos with Twitch superstars. He showcased his physical fitness on America Ninja Warrior and has more sources of revenue than we can think of.

His DJ business very well may turn into a publicly traded company, as his manager Moe Shalizi has stated.

“What sets the world’s greatest DJs apart is that they are also great producers and songwriters, creating songs that transcend genre and appeal to a global pop audience…Marshmello is one of the select few who have defined this generation.” – Robb McDaniels, CEO of Beatport, the electronic music hub.

And indeed he will. As he joins the masked artist crew alongside Deadmau5 and Daft Punk, he wins our hearts in comedy too.

Read the full article on Forbes here. Kudos, Marshmello!