Layton Giordani – Phase II EP

Layton Giordani Phase II EP  Layton Giordani – Phase II EP

Ending the year with a bang, Brooklyn-born DJ/producer Layton Giordani steps up with his first solo EP of 2018. Consisting of four tracks, this tech house infused treasure is sure to make you lose your mind.

New York to Amsterdam‘ is seven minutes filled with that hard hitting 128 bpm bass we love about techno. It draws inspiration from Yves Deruyter, packing a memorable punch through tough acidic undertones. Brain-scrambling synth effects undulate and raise the intensity. As your heads bob, notice the subtle additions of each new instrumental element. The driving force is the kick drum backbeat. Building up tension, the middle comes and the tone becomes cosmic. Where will it take you? From the busy New York City life to the dark corridors of Amsterdam, we presume.

Based on a forced hiatus due to a skating accident, ‘Body Language‘ is his written catharsis. Even with a shattered elbow he wasted no downtime and crafted this sleek, sexy and smart cut. It’s seductive with a vocal piece and arousing melodic riff running throughout.

Black Mirror‘ is just like the dystopian TV series in music and mind. This would be its theme song. Listening to this track is like stomping at a rave as you pummel the dance floors. The menacing lead synth prepares us for the winter months ahead. There is mystery and unpredictability, but most importantly it teaches us what electronic music sounds like.

Enter the Stratosphere‘ is a steely electro-tinged techno track paired with atmospheric licks of melody. Maintaining the artist’s trademark low-end chug, it’s a classy conclusion to this EP. The ending is bangin’ and out of this world.

From humble beginnings in NYC to being thrust into Europe’s crazy club and festival circuit, he’s enjoyed living in Amsterdam. Growing and developing over time, his experiences have a fundamental influence on him and his music. These four tracks represent a new phase for this bright techno talent. Listen below!

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