This morning, we truly have some breaking news to share with our readers. In most cases, people give an arm and a leg to be able to attend a show, but recently, a Snails fan gave a finger! Wait, what?!

It comes as no surprise that headbangers go hard during shows. They often times vigorously nod their heads back and forth while holding the rails for support. Yesterday, a party-goer held his spot at the rail, and it, unfortunately, resulted with him losing his finger!

According to Snails, the attendee got his finger wedged between two rails, causing the limb to get ripped off!

As the sheer wave of concerned tweets started to circulate online, curious followers began to wonder who the individual is, what kind of state that they are in, and of course, if they could see proof (people these days are weird, man…).

The investigation was underway when the victim, Twitter user @christi16476584, was quickly discovered.

The attendee’s response will forever be known as iconic. Seriously, it’s truly comedy gold!

Check It Out Below:

Although confirmation that photo and video proof do exist, they have yet to make their way online. Honestly, it’s probably for the best, for obvious reasons.

We wish the casualty a speedy recovery. We also hope that the discussion between him and the Canadian producer was worth losing an organ of manipulation and sensation over. Ouch! #snailedit