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It has been a couple months since Anjunabeat’s cryptic posts related to ‘DEEP STATE‘ stirred on full out investigations and conspiracies on the internet. As it turned out, DEEP STATE was confirmed to be none other than GRUM’s upcoming album. Unfortunately, fans who pre-ordered the album did not receive it when the announced release date of November 23rd came around.

With it almost been a week since the intended album release, we finally have an update from an Anjuna HQ post on Reddit.

Deep State Update from r/AboveandBeyond


Although they did not disclose the reason behind the delay, we can trust that the Anjuna family will eventually deliver. It’s not often that they pull off such an elaborate marketing campaign for any of their album releases. With that being in mind, DEEP STATE will be worth the wait.

For those that have pre-ordered the album, a refund can be claimed in the coming days. Alternatively, it can be left alone and  early bird purchasers of the album will be the first to hear about any updates. As a bonus, additional treats will be included with the album.

It is confirmed that the release date will be in 2019. We can only hope that any issues will be resolved quickly.